365 Journalling Prompts

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Creating the life you want to live can be overwhelming. There are so many things to think of, to take care of and to plan. Where do you even start?

With these 365 prompts, you're able to find out who you are, what you want, what's stopping you from getting it and what necessary changes you could use in your life.

The book is divided into 12 categories, one for each month of the year:

January: Life goals, experiences and adventures

February: Attitude, emotions and character

March: Friends and family (relationships)

April: Love and romance

May: Self-knowledge

June: Health (physical and mental)

July: Spiritual

August: Money and Finances

September: Career

October: Self-development

November: Hobbies and interests

December: Contribution and your environment

Get ready for a year of getting to know yourself!

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A 382-page ebook with 365 self-discovery journalling prompts

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365 Journalling Prompts

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